KwêHub WiFi / 4G Unit

BRAND: KweBeams


The KwêHub connects to your WiFi Router and or a Cellular Provider’s Cellphone tower to give you control over the system via the KwêBeams Mobile App.

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The KwêHub controls and monitors all connected Kwêbeam devices
using a robust 2-way radio protocol over the 868Mhz frequency
spectrum. The 2-way radio technology features built-in repeater
functionality in all devices and allows you to monitor the operation
between detectors at distances up to 1000m, provided there are no
It immediately sends an alarm signal to all users registered on the
system. The KwêHub supports push notifications and optional SMS
messages to send alarm & system information to users.
The main communication channel uses WiFi with 4G/LTE as backup.
The KwêHub receives new features several times a year with over-the-air
updates. The update process is automatic and takes minutes when the
security system is disarmed. The hardware configuration will allow the
KwêHub to evolve and remain relevant for years to come

Full Kwêbeam system control via the KwêBeams Mobile App
Arm, Disarm and send Panic signal using the buttons on the KwêHub
Built-in awareness buzzer will sound unique tones for individual zones
Support two arming modes, each with individual bypass and siren settings
Panic button activates all built-in sirens that gives an unexpected element of surprise next to
an intruder
Instantly adjust detector sensitivity levels, siren settings or any other setting on all connected
Built-in lithium battery:
– 16 hours backup in normal mode (WiFi and LTE is connected)
– 24 hours backup in low power mode (LTE connected)
– Up to 3 months operation directly from the KwêHub (WiFi and LTE not connected)
Robust 2-way radio protocol over 868Mhz frequency
Small size with low power consumption
Up to 7 days backup power with backup battery connected
868Mhz Two-Way wireless communication
Built-in repeater functionality for Kwêbeam system
Small size with low power consumption
Ready to operate out of the box