Complete 4 Beam Outdoor Security Kit

DIY Outdoor Perimeter Security under 30 minutes. The kit includes all the components to secure an outdoor area up to 1000m2.

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The Kwêbeams All-in-One kit has been designed to be effective & easy to install. The kit includes the following:

  • 4 wireless motion sensors with batteries
  • 4 built-in sirens
  • 4 mounting brackets with fasteners
  • KwêHub with built-in battery backup and charger.

The kwêHub supports WiFi and 4G/LTE connectivity to give authorized users full access to the Kwêbeam system from our mobile App. The Kwêbeam system can also be controlled directly from the KwêHub if there is no internet connection available.

A fully programmable built-in siren provides an unexpected element of surprise next to an intruder. No additional siren installation is required.

The outdoor motion sensor features dual PIR detection to ignore pets & detect people. Both top & bottom detectors must sense a moving heat source for a valid alarm signal. False alarms are further reduced with software algorithms to differentiate true detection from environmental noise.

The system is completely wireless and powered from standard AA alkaline cells. All wireless beams can transmit & receive signals up to 1km line of sight. Built-in repeater functionality further strengthens wireless performance and overcomes wireless range issues.

A Tilt sensor reports orientation changes while the system is armed or disarmed. To prevent theft & vandalism the built-in siren will sound when the sensor is forcibly removed.

Active Infrared sensors detects damaged lenses or unwanted objects in front of the lens. This prevents masking attempts while the system is armed or disarmed.

Ready to operate out of the box
Easy DIY installation within 30 minutes
4 x Dual wireless motion sensors. 18m detection range, 90 degrees wide
4 x 95 decibel built-in Sirens (Fully programmable)
Orientation protection: Any change in the orientation will trigger the built-in Siren, whether the system is Armed or Disarmed
Active Infrared detects masking attempts in the near-field vision
Includes 4 x brackets with fasteners
All batteries included (Last up to 3 years)
Full Kwêbeam system control via the KwêBeams Mobile App
KwêHub connects to WiFi with 4G/LTE backup
2-Way wireless communication up to 1000m between devices
Built-in awareness buzzer on the KwêHub will sound unique tones for individual zones
Support two arming modes, each with individual bypass and siren settings
Panic button activates all built-in sirens that gives an unexpected element of surprise next to an intruder
Instantly adjust detector sensitivity levels, siren settings or any other setting on all connected devices
KwêHub includes Built-in lithium battery with power fail notifications:
– 16 hours backup in normal mode (WiFi and LTE is connected)
– 24 hours backup in low power mode (LTE connected)
– Up to 3 months operation directly from the KwêHub (WiFi and LTE not connected)
Automatic software updates
2 Year warranty